Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Puding Tape Ketan Berlapis

Material A:
150 g Sugar
700 ml Water
1 pack Jelly Powder
1/4 Ts Green Dye
1/4 Ts pandanus essense

Material B:
100 g Sugar
600 ml thick coconut milk
100 g Tape (fragmented cassava) refined
1 pack jelly powder
1/2 Ts Garam
100 g Green Tape Ketan (fragmented sticky rice)

Other Material:
Cocopandan Syrup

How To Make:
Prepare baking pan (triangle shape), wash with water and put a side.
Mixed material A, cooked with stir until boiled.
Pour a little A batter until 1/4 pan, leave until cold.
Mixed material B, cooked with stir until boiled.
Pour a little B batter on top of A batter, leave it until half cold.
Heaten A & B batter, do step above flit repeatly until all batter used.

Server with cocopandan Syrup for 20 piece.


Superfood That Can Hinder Iodine Metabolism

Broccoli is often added to the list of vegetables superfood. causes, types of vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, beta-carotene, and antioxidants.
Antioxidants play a role against cancer-causing free radicals in the body. not a few who then suggested to menonsumsi broccoli to a large portion who want to increase the body's antioxidant levels
Does not mean having to eat broccoli every day according to Dr. Urip Muertdjo SPB-Cl, broccoli mengandng GOITROGENIC substances. That is, in fact interfere with iodine metabolism in the body. also, stimulate the thyroid to swell. impact the person is prone to thyroid cancer.
Eat broccoli three times a week is enough as an effort to shield themselves from the invasion of cancer, in addition to broccoli advanced ball bearing head surgeon is, serperti vegetables cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese radish, mustard, green and white mustard spinach, and soybeans contain substances GOITROENIC. " still allowed to consume these foods, if not in excessive amounts and every day, 'said urip.
Described, these foodstuffs hanaya one form of intervention that make normal cells become abnormal. in addition to dietary factors, psychological problems (stress) and work to make normal cells turn cancerous widened. "mainly workers exposed to radiation from the factory where he worked. exposure to radiation that is changing the normal cells become abnormal, 'he added
IRD head dr Soetomo it says we need to recognize the symptoms of thyroid cancer. which appears solid hard lump. " patients also complained of his voice hoarse. but, not being a cough, "he said, but, if the end-stage cancer patients have even complained of difficulty in swallowing. the article had metastatic cancer cells and eventually suppress the digestive tract." if a lump of solid, kenya and move when we swallow, likely including benign,''he said.
To detect the cancer cells, required investigation. among others, an ultrasound of the neck, FNAD (examination of fine needle biopsy), X-ray and scanning of the thyroid, if it is definitely cancer, patients clear of cancer cells that have metastasized. Thyroidectomy was absolute. no other therapies, "stated urip


Hypothyroid Disturb ORGAN SYSTEM

One of the abnormalities in the thyroid gland is hipotiorid. in such conditions, little thyroid hormone production. causes of these abnormalities is not always lack of iodine.
According to Drs. Heri Siswanto, many causes of hypothyroidism. For example, the influence of radiation, genetic abnormalities, and the influence of drugs.
Hypothyroidism stems from the thyroid gland fails to function normally. Kelenjartiroid is a small gland is shaped like a butterfly on the front neck. The thyroid produces hormones that regulate metabolism or use of energy to go by the body.
That energy is used to move the entire body system. Began to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, fat, intestine, stomach, until your heart rate.
It is possible that the thyroid gland does not produce thyroid hormone in sufficient quantities. Alternatively, the hormone is not produced. Conversely, there are hormones, but the gland is not functioning normally. Three things resulted in slower metabolism process. As a result of various body systems, including brain, disrupted.
From these various causes, hypothyroidism due to congenital abnormalities (congenital) most influential on the development of body and intellect. "Those who grew up with congenital hypothyroidism are usually dwarf, pug-nosed, face an idiot, and kecerdasasn very low level."
Indeed, so far in Indonesia hypothyroidism caused more problems of iodine deficiency. To avoid hypothyroidism, the consumption of foods with adequate levels of iodine is very important. Especially, pregnant women. "Generally, all foods containing iodine. However, levels of iodine in some areas is very less so need extra iodine."

Broccoli Facts:
- 43.68 cal calorie
- Protein 4.66 g
- Omega-3 fatty acids 00:20 g
- 8:19 g Carbohydrates
- Fat 00:55 g
- Calcium 74.72 mg
- Potassium 505.44 mg
- 1:37 Iron mg
- Vitamin A 228.07 RE
- Vitamin B9 (folate) 93.91 mcg
- Vitamin C 123.40 mg
- Vitamin K 155.20 mg
- Fiber 4.68 g

156 grams of broccoli nutritional value equivalent to a bowl of steamed broccoli.

- Vegetables without cholesterol content
- Content of broccoli more fiber than fiber wheat bread
- Broccoli contains folate. especially needed are planning a pregnancy and the mother is pregnant
- Content of Vitamin C content of broccoli was higher than vit. C in an orange
- Calcium content equivalent to 71.8 mg of calcium broccoli glass of milk.

Salad bride Recipe

Nutritional value per portion
- Energy 243.4 Kal
- Fat 13:46 G
- Carbohydrate 19:16 G
- Protein 14.76 G

- 200 grams of boiled potato diced
- 3 eggs boiled chicken, split into 4 parts
- 1 piece of cucumber, peeled, divided into 4 sections and then sliced thinly
- 200 grams of thinly sliced white cabbage
- 200 grams of leaf lettuce, cut a little rough
- 1 pc know, fried, then cut into small dice
- Emping melinjo

Subtle Seasonings
- 250 grams peanuts, fried and discard skins
- 8 pieces red chili, seeded and boil until wilted
- 75 grams of red ebi shrimp, toasted and crushed
- 8 tablespoons granulated sugar
- 3 tablespoons vinegar
- 400 ml hot water
- Salt to taste

How to Make
Tata all ingredients over a serving plate.
Sprinkle with herbs that have been mashed and add the chips.

Strengthening MANGO BUTTER

Mango season has arrived. presented in addition to fruit, mango is also fitted as a complementary food utama.seperti chiccken stuffed with sauce supreme executive work cheftha bambang Satriya sun hotel.
According By bambang, mangoes are generally used for cooking when he was young. whereas, when it is ripe, mangoes still delicious cooked. to be more steady, the way food was processed mangoes to be considered for the content of vitamins in it does not vanish. namely, mango mix when cooking is nearly finished. "so, the process of cooking on the fire is not too long. was to avoid vitamins in mango evaporate," EXECUTIVE CHEF review of hotels sidoarjo it.
For the resulting flavor is strong, do not hesitate to also mix the mango with the other ingredients. for example in atuffed recipe chicken with supreme sauce, mix the mango bambang with butter. 'strong sense of mango growing stronger with the aroma of butter lebut, "he explained



The main ingredient
- Chicken breasts cut into 1 side
- Mango cooked 200 grams (Any kind of cut the boxes)
- Broccoli 80 grams
- Potatoes 100 grams
- Butter 100 grams
- Rosemary 5 grams

Sauce Ingredients
- Egg yolks 2 eggs
- Liquid Butter 100 grams
- Mango 80 grams smoothed
- Salt to taste
- Pepper 5 grams

How to Make
Mix the mango with rosemary leaves and half the butter in the fridge intersection.
Chicken breast torn down, enter the remaining butter into slices it.
Sow pepper and salt.
Let stand 10 minutes in refrigerator.
Fried chicken with a little oil and a low heat for 10 minutes.

Make sauce
Melted butter then stir the egg yolk. Give pepper and salt.
Prepare the mashed mango without water.
Mix with butter mixture.
Serve chicken with sauce. Equipped kentan and boiled broccoli.

Malacca sauce RICH TASTE

Singapore CHLI Crab is one dish from Singapore who rarely miss an opportunity to visit the country they are lions. large portions at once seemed not much different yag denang TASTE cuisine. archipelago make culinary use crab as the main ingredient was a fugitive.
BILLY mentioned Kawilarang, OWNER restora Frangipani Indonesian Kitchen, a citizen of Singapore consists of different races from different cultures. from China, India, Europe, to wither. Therefore, serving culinary inspired a variety of different foods brought home the nation. "Singapore chili crab is a dish that seemed to refer to Malay cuisine," review the restaurant owner in the area west of Surabaya.
Because, billy added, in addition to Singapore, there is such servings in Malaysia and Indonesia. "In its name malaysia malaysia crab," Vera's husband sasmita review it.
However, the most important sebernanya of cuisine is a rich red sauce flavor. BILLY who likes to try various culinary and recipe creation is a success with a personal touch to replace the crab with other materials.
New menu at Frangipani, for example. SINGAPORE terinspiras CHILE Crab, billy menghelat festivals Malak sauce. "chliy singapore crab sauce turned out to fit well with a variety of fish and seafood." he described. for example, in a deflated crab sauce recipe Malacca, billy using soft shelled crab wrapped in crispy flour by pouring the sauce as well as carp and shrimp.
The main ingredient for making sauces are easy to find. among others, tomato sauce, red chili, and cayenne pepper. if you want to taste more spicy sauce, add garlic, ginger, coriander, and spices seperty salt, pepper, and sugar.
To make gravy is thick and gives the impression of rich crab meat, use an egg. "egg on the last mix in the sauce. so, as though there are pieces daing soft crabs," he said.
In presenting these dishes, warm white rice is the best friend to the local tongue. AAR but it feels different, it could be accompanied monitor servings. cocolan monitor the same sauce for delicious with rice.